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Wilson County, TN school system violates the due process of a family regarding the school’s own policies. Child and Parents decides not to return to school to not transmit COVID-19 to family.


Story Summarized: High school senior attended one week of school, and became ill, it was unknown whether he had contracted Covid or not since there were not any rapid tests available in the area. After he became ill, the family made the decision that going back to school was not available, contact was made with the school to see if he could complete his schooling virtually. Medical professionals have advised the grandfather not to take the vaccination due to the pulmonary risk resulted from his five heart attacks, this also includes the possible aggravation of the eight stents in his heart. The parent tried to communicate with the school, but there were no communication attempts made by anyone in the Wilson County school system other than receiving a text message about truancy charges, after they had been filed, and to return a chrome notebook, that the parent did not know the student had been issued. The school refused to have a conference with the parent of the high school senior. They would not release his high school transcript to his new online school, Penn Foster, until the chrome notebook was returned. Wilson County schools violated their own policies (see manual 6.200) it would appear that Wilson County schools were more concerned about their $53 a day for the student to be in school and having their chrome-book returned to them than Brian Klimkowski’s education. Brian is now set up for success, with Penn Foster’s online program and able to graduate on time, with no help from the Wilson County school system.

Other parents need to know about these options if they are struggling with the same thing.

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Wilson County School Board truancy policy.

VM left on Crome Book,

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