Radio Disclosure With Ted Randall & Matt Aaron

The Radio Disclosure Radio Show is focused on a wide area of subjects that range from UFO's Ghosts, The Paranormal, Hauntings, government coverups, medicine, business, industry and fraud. From the latest reported government cover up, alien abductions, medical problems, social problems, and the latest in the world of phenomenon. Radio Disclosure uncovers the facts and asks the questions that conventional mainstream media refuses to disclose. Radio Disclosure is hosted by Ted Randall and Matt Aaron and airs on International Shortwave and domestic radio stations.

Glenn Steckling talks about UFOs, UFO history, UFO disinformation, ET life, his talks with the extraterrestrials, and about George Adamaski.


Glenn Steckling has been doing UFO research and investigation four over a half century with his family. In this show we cover everything from the types of ETs and other life. The Disinformation in the UFO community is a big deal with him. As it deflects the truth. We also cover George Adamaski and the talks that Glenn has had with the extraterrestrials.

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