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The Radio Disclosure Radio Show is focused on a wide area of subjects that range from UFO's Ghosts, The Paranormal, Hauntings, government coverups, medicine, business, industry and fraud. From the latest reported government cover up, alien abductions, medical problems, social problems, and the latest in the world of phenomenon. Radio Disclosure uncovers the facts and asks the questions that conventional mainstream media refuses to disclose. Radio Disclosure is hosted by Ted Randall and Matt Aaron and airs on International Shortwave and domestic radio stations.

Paranormal Investigator / Alien Abductee, Kimberly O'Connor tells it all including the story of the aliens taking her children.


Kimberly O'Connor, joins us on Radio Disclosure. Kimberly is a paranormal investigator and an alien abductee. She tells her story of losing several pregnancies, these infants were taken by the extraterrestrials. There are major social and psychological repercussions of dealing with these kinds of abduction experiences. O'Connor talks about how hard this can be and gives advice to other abductees. She gives an account of one of her abduction experiences. Also gives many reasons why they're here and why they are taking our children. We also touch on the history of the extraterrestrials visiting earth and how that relates to Bible stories.

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